Bowflex EZ Pro Strapless Heart Rate Monitor Review

The best feature of t is strapless. Another pro of this unit is it is very cheap. For a budget of $ 15 -20 USD you’ll get nice looking sports watch with a heart rate monitor. Here are some other product features of this HRM device:

  • Heart rate monitor and watch
  • No chest strap required
  • Quick Touch Technology
  • Fast and accurate ECG heart rate
  • Large LCD for easy viewing
  • Time of day
  • 100 hour stopwatch
  • Calendar with day of week display
  • Alarm
  • 24-hour countdown timer
  • Backlight
  • Water resistant to 100 feet / 30 meters
  • Watch strap with metal buckle
  • CHR display
  • High and low heart rate TARGET ZONE alarm – audible bleep
  • Steps distance and speed
  • Calorie computation

The of Bowflex EZ Pro Strapless HRM – WR30M comes with 2 colors pink and black the unit. Once you have put on this HRM unit, you’ll feel that it’s light weight enough that you will barely become aware of wearing it on. This digital watch look alike also tells if you are within your target zone, this way you’ll be instantly aware if you need to increase or decrease the intensity of your physical activity. The unit will automatically notify you by a bleep alarm which signals if you go above or below your target zone, this way you will not have to constantly check the monitor. It is also easy to use. To find your heart rate, put your two fingers from the opposite hand of the sensors on the device and hold for a few seconds. This will record your maximum and average heart rate during workout.

Other basic feature of the unit is the calendar, timer, and stopwatch. It is also a calorie counter though many other feedbacks says that this feature is not accurate enough, you can still use the data of the number of calories burned to compare one workout to another. This way it will give you a guide if you want to beat the number of calories you’ve burned the day before. This HRM is only water resistant; this means that you don’t have to worry of being sweaty but it is not advisable to wear this deep water contact related activities like swimming.

It might be a great idea to use a strapless HRM but there are some few cons about this product. To mention some, is its inability to give accurate data on its calorie counter. It underestimates the amount burned in comparison to the readout from the treadmill and numbers given from calculators on the internet. It is also not as accurate as the strap across the chest monitors although it still works well enough.

All in all, the product is simple and easy to use that it will only take you about half hour figure out and understand how the unit’s interface works.

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